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3D jewels


The 3D industry is developing at a phenomenal rate in various sectors of activity, of which, the jewellery sector. The 3D jewel can adapt to market demand very easily, which claims to be more and more targeted. Whether it is a regular realisation or a specific one, the 3D jewelleries offer considerable benefits including flexibility. There is no need for the jeweller to store moulds that cannot be modified. The jeweller creates a wide virtual range of jewelleries for its clients that can be adjusted very easily and as many times as necessary: especially if the client wants to add up or remove some stones or adapt the ring to his finger measurement. Thanks to the 3D approach, the creation of jewelleries is more flexible and adaptable.

This revolutionary approach is also adapted to the creation of tailor-made jewelleries involving unusual contours or organics forms. Contrary to the traditional method, the 3D approach allows customers to monitor the progress of the project prior to the realisation of the jewel. Creating a 3D jewel, leads to a reduction of manufacturing costs. The 3D jewel will be design and printed, therefore gems will be set on it, which result in a reduction of cost when creating the jewel and setting stones on it. The 3D jewel file will be scooped out and once created, the jewel will be lower in grammage which leads to a cost reduction in gold melting.

Another benefit of the 3D concept is that synthetic images can be provided even before the jewellery creation. There is no need for jewellers to display a multitude of creations in shop windows, they can show 3D visuals to clients, in order to give them design ideas. This concept is adapted to the Internet and web sites. Indeed, instead of investing in manufacturing and photography in order to present collections online, Jewellers can now, thanks to 3D imagery, display and develop their collections in a more easy way.

This 3D concept is proving to be a solution for independent jewellers, who must deal with leading luxury houses and large retail chains. 3D offers many benefits: this approach helps jewellers enabling them to renew continuously their creations, to provide quality work and tailor made solutions at a lower cost.