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Reduce your photo and video costs with 3D rendering

Animation Bague 3D
Animation Bague 3D
Animation Bague 3D

Get outstanding and realistic renderings on a tight schedule and at a very competitive price with Aquilaes in order to seduce and reassure your customers.

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Jewellery photo, video, 3D animation


With 3D photos, videos and animations, Aquilaes aims to help jewellers, to save time and money, to present collections and creations on their website and on printed catalogues.

It is now useless to dedicate time and financial resources for manufacturing and stock jewellery pieces, in order to take pictures and make videos. It costs an arm and a leg compared with new technics, which allow making 3D photos and videos for much cheaper. By creating Aquilaes, our mission is to simplify and modernize the jewellery merchandising thanks to 3D technics.

No doubt, jewellers will always need to present real jewel showcases, as clients want to see and touch real rings, pendants and bracelets. However, 3D renderings, photos, videos or even animations are the new and modern tools to show easily different versions of a jewel, at a lower cost than ever before. These 3D jewellery visuals can also be display on websites and printed catalogues.

Through CAD jewellery and virtual 3D rendering, Aquilaes can create a complete overview of a jewel. Indeed, with the interactive 3D visualization, jewellers can display images, photos and videos.

Thanks to the very realistic quality of 3D renderings, 3 main advantages rely on this technology.

  1. First jewellers can show a realistic render of jewelleries designed and customized especially for clients. They can thus reassure the client on the final result of the project. Therefore jewellers sell it with ease and they do not take the risk of manufacturing it, before the agreement of the client.
  2. The second advantage is the possibility for jewellers to test some creations only with 3D photos, videos and animations. Indeed, before validating the prototype and the manufacturing, jewellers can test new ideas and new concepts for their clients. Thanks to many feedbacks they get by showing 3D images, jewellers will then have the opportunity to adjust and optimize their prototypes.
  3. Create a virtual jewellery storefront (ring, solitaire, wedding ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings ...): 3D rendering is the ideal solution for jewelers to enrich their range in a cheaper and less risky way. They can also create a virtual showcase of jewels, directly on monitor (iPad or other tablets, computers, TV screens). The screen becomes a real jewellery box.

Last but not least with 3D imaging and accurate technical drawings of jewels, jewelers benefits from a much stronger INPI protection on its jewellery creations made via photo, video or 3D animation.