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A to Z services from 3D prototyping to fine jewellery

Aquilaes will be at your side from the 3D prototype to the ready-to-deliver jewel.

With a jeweller and a diamonteer at its helm, Aquilaes provides jewellers with a broad range of services and with the ability of a complete and bended production: 3D prototyping, 3D wax printing and jewellery manufacturing (casting, setting, polishing ... ), rendering 3D of the fine jewel (photos, videos, computer animations).

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Jewel 3D prototyping and manufacturing


3D jewellery prototyping is booming thanks to all the benefits it brings to the jewellery sector, and especially in the manufacturing process.

The computer aided design (CAD) allows creating 3D prototypes of jewels (for series or unique piece of jewellery) at a low cost and on a tight schedule. It is a source of flexible production, product innovation and price competitiveness.

The mission of our company, Aquilaes, is to help jewellers to make a change from the traditional working method to the new and modern 3D technology: CAD, 3D printing and rendering.

Aquilaes’ strength relies on our capacity to offer to jewellers a full service from 3D manufacturing to the delivery of finished jewelleries. We believe that CAD is efficient and justified, only when combined with handcraft.

Aquilaes wants to be much more than just a jewellery CAD service. Specialised in 3D jewels modelling but also having the knowhow and the experience of handcraft jewellers, Aquilaes delivers zero default to jewellers, including STL files and excellent wax optimized for casting. In order to ease and accelerate the manufacturing process of jewelleries, Aquilaes uses high quality tools such as STL files but also wax and resin of excellent quality.

3D CAD jewellery allows, for example, to pre-set stones, to build homogeneous paving, to optimize the metal weight and to change easily ring sizes and/or stones sizes. In other words, it gives tremendous flexibility to the work of conception and especially adjustments, which are made faster and easier.