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Crafts and digital together as one

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Design & printing 3D jewellery


Aquilaes will be at your side from the 3D prototype to the ready-to-deliver jewel.

Aquilaes is a top CAD and CAM service for jewellers. Our core proposition is to help them to benefit simply, quickly and in an inexpensive way, from all the advantages of 3D printing and 3D rendering of jewelleries.

3D is an important change, necessary in the jewellery sector, to which jewellers should adapt. 3D brings a lot of new opportunities: it allows jewellers to design and manufacture jewels more economically and faster, to simplify and develop prototyping and custom jewelleries, and to modernize jewellery merchandising.

Aquilaes’ mission is to help jewellers in this evolution, towards 3D printing and rendering. Jewellery CAD and CAM can become their key tools and allow them to compete with the big players of the sector or even with jewellery production in large series.

Aquilaes believes that independent jewellers are not doomed to loose their independence and should not be forced to join bigger groups. Purchasing and marketing powers are not the only solutions that can give jewellers a competitive edge. There is another way, which can allow them to preserve their independence and which is more adapted to their specificity: developing customization and small series. The manufacture of bespoke jewellery used to be slow and expensive, but it can now become a fast, inexpensive and extremely flexible process, thanks to CAD prototyping and to the printing of wax and resin CAM. According to Aquilaes, the future of independent jewellers relies on their ability to capitalize on 3D printing and 3D rendering, to meet the growing demand for customized jewellery and the requirements to create new collections more and more frequently.